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A few children of the Grace Covenant Church, Shillong, had an urge to pray and so after Sunday School they would stay back in the church and meet for prayer. This was their own idea. After several weeks of praying together, they decided that they would visit a nearby Hospital to pray for the sick.  Initially, the hospital staff and inmates thought that the children were a nuisance.  However, the children continued to visit the hospital week after week and prayed for the sick. In course of time the doctors and nurses began to realize that a few of the patients who were seriously ill, many with terminal diseases were healed! They knew by then that it was not medicine that saved the lives of their patients but only divine intervention! Thereafter, the doctors and nurses urged the children to pray and God performed great miracles and in due course of time quite a few hospital beds were empty!


AS NARRATED by Rani, Dindigul

Rani, a five-year-old girl, whose drunkard father made life miserable for Rani and her mother.  One day Rani’s mother questioned him about his illicit relationship at which point he grabbed a knife and tried to kill her. Mother ran for her life. Little Rani was helpless. All she could do at that point was to go down on her knees and cry out," Jesus, save my mother.” The Lord heard her cry and within a short while her father fled in another direction.

Rani and her mother continue to pray for their family to be together in the lord.


AS NARRATED by Jabesh from Thane, Mumbai

“Last October, during Diwali holidays, I was playing with my friends near my house.  All of a sudden, Reshma, one of our friends, screamed and when we turned around we could see her face turn evil. She was screaming and yelling at us.  We were so terrified that we run away from her.  As I was running, something within me urged to turn back.  I saw Reshma fall flat on the ground. Her body just curled up into a small ball and she continued screaming. I was taken aback as I had never seen Reshma like this before. But at that moment,in the midst of that gory scene, I remembered a verse in the Bible which my father had taught me, "Resist the devil and he will flee from you”.  I stood for a moment and something moved me forward and before I realized there, I, was standing in front of Reshma and praying for her.  The Lord touched and delivered her that very moment.  She stood up and looked puzzled and couldn’t understand what was happening.  Friends slowly pulled up and offered to take her home. The Lord delivered her completely.

Praise the Lord!”


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