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It is a Calendar for Children to pray for Children in need/crisis/danger.  There are 25 or 26 prayer points related to one issue of needy Children, every month.  Thus, there are 12 issues of needy Children or the needs of children in 12 regions, that praying children could focus on.  There is a verse on every sixth day for children to memorise and confess, to build them up in faith. 


It's God's doing and is based on his promise

God ordained strength and praise in the mouth of babes and children to silence His enemies and the avenger (Psalm 8:2, Matt.21:16). He promised to pour out His Spirit on our offspring and His blessing on our descendants. (Isaiah 44:3) Quite a few children experience His strength manifesting in and through them when praying and praising. The experiences of a few children given below confirm it.

It is the desire of Christ, our Lord

Jesus said, “Let the little Children come to me do not hinder them”

God wants our Children to commune with Him.

It is the responsibility of the Parents

We need to train a child in the way she/he should go. (Prov.22:6).A praying child of today can become a praying youth of tomorrow and a praying youth will become a praying adult/parent.It is the responsibility of every parent to train their children in prayer.Every Christian homeneeds to be a school of prayer and every parent to be a trainer of prayer for her/his children.There are enough examples of Parents as Models of Prayer who motivated their Children to be Prayer Warriors.

It is the need of the hour

The desire/thirst for prayer seems to be waning in homes and churches.The interest and importance given to prayer 15 to 20 years ago, is sadly missing in us. It is our responsibility to train the next generation in prayer.


  • It will help to build their relationship with God as they speak to Him day by day.

  • It will create a concern for the less fortunate children/persons among them, as they intercede for them daily.

  • Children will rise to be prayer warriors.

  • Prayer thus mobilized will help Children in need to experience deliverance and transformation in their lives.

  • Thereby it will transform individuals, families, churches and society.



For parents to train their children in prayer.  If a parent prays with the child/children every day for three to four months, praying may then become a habit for the child.

Also, for children to pray regularly and sensibly for children who are in need.


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